2nd CfP: Philosophy of Medicine, special issue of EuJAP

CfP: Special Issue of European Journal of Analytic Philosophy – Philosophy of Medicine

Guest editors Anke Bueter (Aarhus University), Saana Jukola (University of Bonn) & Veli-Pekka Parkkinen (University of Bergen)

Submission deadline 3/31/2021

Philosophy of medicine is a field that has become established as a distinct branch of philosophy. Traditionally it has focused on questions that are ethical or conceptual in nature (related to, e.g., informed consent or definitions of ‘disease’ and ‘health’) but during the past two decades, epistemological questions concerning, for instance, standards used for evaluating the effectiveness of medical interventions, have become more central. In addition, the problem of neglected diseases has inspired scholars to apply theories from political philosophy to evaluation of the distribution of research efforts in biomedical sciences. The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear that ethical, epistemological and political questions related to medical research and health care practices are often deeply interconnected. For instance, the question of what mitigation measures should be undertaken cannot be answered without considering how the available evidence on the effectiveness of the suggested measures could be interpreted by decision makers and what the political implications of the measures would be. Analyses drawing on different branches of philosophy are thus called for. Furthermore, the current pandemic has increased the interest in epidemiology and public health practices and, consequently, philosophical exploration of these fields.

The European Journal for Analytic Philosophy invites submissions for a special issue on philosophy of medicine. In particular, we welcome contributions that 1) focus on questions related to epidemiology or public health and/or 2) investigate the interconnectedness of epistemic, metaphysical, ethical, and/or political aspects of medical research and practice. Paper topics include (but are not restricted to):

– Standards of evidence in public health
– Public mental health
– Demographic and social disparities in health and healthcare
– Causality and explanation in epidemiology
– Epistemic risks in epidemiological research
– Pathocentric epistemic injustice

The deadline for submissions is 31.3.2021.

See the journal webpage (https://eujap.uniri.hr/) for author guidelines.
For further information, please contact the guest editors: eujapphilmed@gmail.com.
Submissions should be sent to the following email address: eujapphilmed@gmail.com.