EuJAP is on SCImago

EuJAP is now registered and ranked on SCImago. SCImago is a public portal that, among other things, ranks journals according to article citation scores as registered in the Scopus database. For more on SCImago see: According to...

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New paper in EuJAP! “Debunking Doxastic Transparency”

We have a new publication in EuJAP. Professor Ema Sullivan-Bissett (University of Birmingham), in the paper entitled “Debunking Doxastic Transparency“, throws down the gauntlet to Nicole Dular and Nikki Fortier (2021)! From the abstract: "I conclude that Dular and...

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New paper “Extreme Permissivism Revisited”

Our first paper in 2022, Tamaz Tokhadze (University of Sussex) "Extreme Permissivism Revisited". This paper provides a novel argument against extreme permissivisim in epistemology! The paper can be accessed here and...

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