CFP: Interactions between analytic and Islamic philosophy/theology

This is a call for papers for the special issue of EuJAP that is guest edited by Abbas Ahsan (University of Birmingham) and Marzuqa Karima

The European Journal of Analytic Philosophy (EuJAP) is open to a broad spectrum of philosophical issues. One of the main aims of this journal is to provide a forum for philosophical exchange among philosophers from diverse fields within the analytic tradition broadly conceived. Considering this, EuJAP is hosting a special issue tentatively entitled ‘Interactions between analytic and Islamic philosophy/theology’. EuJAP is inviting contributions to this special issue.

The aim of this special issue is to motivate an exploration of possible interactions between analytic philosophy, Islamic philosophy/theology, and relevant aspects of Christian philosophy/theology. The idea is to stimulate a scholarly exchange between both fields of analytic philosophy and Islamic philosophy/theology. This is anticipated to generate novel contributions in either both or one of these fields. Such an exploration would be inclusive of the following questions (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Amidst the existing methodological disparity, would analytic philosophy serve as an adequate (theoretical) device in solving Islamic philosophical and/or theological problems?
  • Would the application of any particular analytic method actually prove admissible to a given problem in Islamic philosophy and/or theology?
  • If any particular analytic method does prove admissible to a given problem in Islamic philosophy and/or theology, does it do so at a cost to the Islamic faith?
  • Are there historical and/or contemporary instances of Islamic philosophy/theology that (may) have complemented the development of analytic philosophy?
  • Can contemporary modes of thought in Islamic philosophy/theology potentially assist analytic philosophy to evolve?
  • Are historical and/or contemporary modes of thought in Islamic philosophy/theology able to offer any promising solutions to particular Christian philosophical and/or theological problems?
  • Given a common appeal to analytic methods by both Christian and Muslim theologians, where do the differences and similarities lie in resorting to such philosophical methods between both religious traditions?
  • The interaction between Christian theology and analytic philosophy has recently given rise to what is called ‘analytic Christian theology’. In this regard, could there be a similar interaction between Islamic theology and analytic philosophy which gives rise to what we might call ‘analytic Islamic theology’?

Contributions to this special issue need not be confined to these questions. The overarching theme of this special issue can most certainly be extended to include specific matters that are situated in the broader themes of: Metaphysics, Logic/Philosophy of Logic, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Natural Sciences, Ethics, and Meta-philosophy.

All prospective authors who wish to contribute to this special issue should send their completed papers to the guest editor by the stated deadline.

  • The deadline for submissions is Friday 30th July 2021
  • For further information, please contact the guest editor, Abbas Ahsan (University of Birmingham), via the following email address:
  • Submissions should also be sent the guest editor, Abbas Ahsan (University of Birmingham), via the following email address:
  • Instructions for authors can be read here