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The European Journal of Analytic Philosophy (EuJAP) is an Open Access journal that supports the values of open science. EuJAP does not charge processing or any kind of production fees to authors of submitted manuscripts. …

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New paper in EuJAP! “Debunking Doxastic Transparency”

We have a new publication in EuJAP. Professor Ema Sullivan-Bissett (University of Birmingham), in the paper entitled “Debunking Doxastic Transparency“, throws down the gauntlet to Nicole Dular and Nikki Fortier (2021)! From the abstract: "I conclude that Dular and...

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New paper “Extreme Permissivism Revisited”

Our first paper in 2022, Tamaz Tokhadze (University of Sussex) "Extreme Permissivism Revisited". This paper provides a novel argument against extreme permissivisim in epistemology! The paper can be accessed herehttps://hrcak.srce.hr/en/clanak/392769 and...

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